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* Do enjoy your new wax!
* Moisturise your skin daily with After Care Lotion as the hair follicles are open and susceptible to infection.
* Exfoliate your skin one week after being waxed using the Ultimate Exfoliating Massage Mitt.
* Shower immediately after exercise to clean the follicles of perspiration which caries infection causing bacteria.
* Wear cotton or no underwear at night to allow the area to breathe.
* Clean, blemish free skin will maximize the visual appeal of hair free skin. If you suffer from ingrown hair, speak to Fillar for professional ingrown hair removal, and use Ingrown Zone cream for guaranteed results.
* The optimum time between waxing appointments is three to four weeks. This allows the hair to grow to the correct length, but does not allow the hair to become to imbedded in the follicle, reducing pain and maximizing the result. Pre booking will insure the correct time between appointments.
* Ingrown Zone is strongly recommended for all Bikini and Brazilian waxing clients.




* Don’t exfoliate your skin until 3 days after being waxed.
* Don’t apply deodorant until 24 hours after being waxed.
* Don't pick at ingrown hairs as it may cause scaring and infection.
Have them professionally removed by Filliar.
* Don’t exercise directly after being waxed.
* Don’t swim in chlorinated or salt water for 24hrs after being waxed.
* Don’t shave between waxing appointments. This distorts the hair growth cycle
* Avoid being waxed two days before and two days after your menstrual cycle as your body can be more sensitive.
* Avoid solariums and direct sun for 24 hours as the waxed area is more

 prone to burning.


At Asimina Nails and Beauty Filliar is highly trained and only uses superior waxes and products and will educate you on all aspects of pre-waxing and aftercare. You can see from our lovely list below that when it comes to waxing, we know no boundaries.  

If you haven't been waxed before, Filliar suggests you start with a simple eye brow wax and move up from there. With her gentle touch you'll be back for more. For maximum beauty, Filliar recommend 4 to 6 weeks between visits.

Waxing Top Tips:


* Between appointments, exfoliate your skin with the Ultimate Exfoliating Massage Mitt.

* At night in bed wear cotton or NO underwear to let your skin 'breathe'.

* Pre-book your waxing to ensure correct hair-growth time between appointments.

* Don't apply deodorant until 24 hrs after waxing.

* Don't swim in chlorine or salt water for 24 hrs after waxing as pores are open
and susceptible  to infection.
* Don't shave between visits as it distorts h

air growth.

* Don't pick in-grown hairs as scarring or infection could occur.

* Avoid waxing 2 days before and after menstruation as the body is more sensitive to pain.

* Avoid solariums for 24 hrs after waxing as the body is more prone to burning.


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